Digital Measured Building Surveys

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If one buys a car one expects a full set of accurate plans and diagrams covering every aspect of the designs and features.  That car may have cost less than £20,000.  And yet people are spending maybe £200,000 or more on a house and expect nothing with it!  Over the time one owns a house one might extend, convert, adapt, rewire or re-plumb, and every time this happens, someone has to come in and measure up from scratch.

Measured Building Surveys 2

Architects won’t undertake design work without a full set of measured drawings.  But once done (in a universal digital file format ‘.dwg’ that everyone in the construction industry uses) it is there forever, for anyone working on the house, accurate to the millimetre!  And it can be passed on with the house to the new owner, building confidence in their plans for the future!

We offer this computer-based service as part of, or independent of, any commission.

If you are planning changes or simply want an accurate record of your property call us on 01685 647618 or email us and we will arrange the whole programme, which may only take ½ day on site.

To carry out your Digital Measured Building Survey we use a laser distance measurer similar to that pictured below, which allows us to  measure and develop exact drawings of your property with absolute accuracy.

Measured Building Surveys 1

Measured Building Surveys 5